Chest/Back 4-2-16

Hey y’all! Happy Saturday! Today I did a chest/back superset. Lately I love working chest and back together even though I thought I would hate it because it’s two huge muscle groups, I have found that you get a ton of work done in a short amount of time and it frees up some room during the week for my self-designed crossfit/HIIT workouts! Here is what I did today! #babygotback 😂

  • Bench press (2 warmup sets then) 5×6-10 80#, 85#, 75#
  • Superset Pullups 5×8
  • Incline DB Press 5×8-10 @25#, 30#
  • Superset single arm DB row 5×10-12 @40#, 45#, 35#
  • Deadlifts 4×8-10 @ 115, 125, 135 + 1RM @ 150#
  • Barbell row (overhand/underhand) 6×8-10 @80#
  • Superset hand release pushups (15)
  • Cable flyes 5×10-12
  • Superset lat pull downs 5×8-12; 1 dropset
  • Seated cable row 4×10-12; 1 dropset, superset 50 mountain climbers
  • hyperextensions 3×15 with 25# plate, 1×20 with 10# superset Russian twists 3×50 with 25# plate

Then I went outsid and did box jumps, except on those huge tires (our gym doesn’t have boxes so I get creative). I did 50. I was pretty fatigued and hungry at that point!

Enjoy your Saturday! Now it’s time to make sure I fuel my body with the right nutrition!


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