Why Lotion is Toxic: Choose Coconut Oil!

Are you still putting on lotions? Have you ever read the ingredients and wondered what they were? I recommend you sit down and google some of the ingredients on the label of your lotion and see what you find. Our skin is our largest organ so it absorbs EVERYTHING you put on it! Think about it: if your lotion is filled with chemicals, what do you think that’s doing for you and your body? It can’t be good. This is why I choose to only use coconut oil. Not only is it natural and 100% safe, it’s not very expensive! Below I will list some common ingredients in lotions and what they actually do to your skin. Hopefully this convinces some of you to not only clean out your cabinets and fridge of processed food, but also your bathroom cabinets!


  • Covers skin like rubber
  • can cause acne because it does not allow skin to breathe
  • traps impurities, bacteria, clogs pores

Propylene Glycol:

  • preservative
  • absorbs water

Cetearyl alcohol:

  • thickening agent
  • may cause allergic reactions as it changes lipid bilayer of epidermis – not good for people with psoriasis, eczema, etc.

Paraffinum Liquidum/Mineral Oil:

  • Coats the skin like plastic
  • Causes premature aging (does not allow cells to breathe!)
  • Very cheap filler
  • Increases risk for cancer
  • **you would be wise to avoid any lotion or product with mineral oil (baby oil = 100% mineral oil!). Other names for this are paraffin oil, paraffin wax, petrolatum.

We can’t be perfect all the time and I am by no means perfect. I do my BEST to fuel my body with clean food, as well as only use non-toxic substances on my skin. I think lotions are such a huge problem because people use them continuously throughout the day which ends up coating your skin in chemicals constantly! Try switching to coconut oil (go and chunk all the toxins in your bathroom cabinet. You don’t need lotion – I promise it’s doing more harm that good!) only and see how you feel! You will also save tons of $$$! I have very sensitive skin so it is all that I use. Let your skin breathe and improve your skin through coconut oil rather than coating it with chemicals and plastic-like substances!

Also for body washes I love Dr. Bronner’s!!! They have tons of different scents and it lathers nicely. Men would love it too – the peppermint one is great and so is lavender and tea tree. Really all of them are! (You can also wash clothes and pets with this stuff!)




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