Back Biceps 4-7-16

Below is an example of SOME of my fav back exercises. Try these out next time you work back and let me know how it goes! Again, your final rep of each should be super challenging – if not all the way to failure. Push yourself hard and limit your rest. Don’t forget to take your BCAA’s! I personally like these 

  • Lat pull downs: 2 warmup then 5×8-12 heavy
  • Pullups 4×8 (assisted or unassisted, whatever you can do, just make it challenging)
  • Bent over rows: 6×8-10 underhand (3 wide, 3 more narrow), 3×8 overhand, superset 3×15 hand release push-ups in between (some) sets
  • Single arm DB row: 2×6 45#, 1×8 40#, 2×12 35# then double arm DB rows with 30# 3×10
  • Seated cable row 5×8-12 (including 1 dropset) super-set weighted hyperextensions (25# plate) 4×15
  • Face pulls 4×10-12 superset 20# DB bicep curls (3×10)
  • 3×6 heavy hammer curls (25# DBs for me)
  • Bicep burn out: cable curls 3×8-10 with 2 dropsets

Then I did a little circuit of calf raises (I did 6 sets of 30-parallel, turned in, turned out) with 2 30# dumbbells and 15 burpees in between. Calves/abs can be worked every other day because they’re smaller muscle groups. I try to work abs 3x a week (blog to come on those later) and calves whenever I can think to squeeze them in (not as often as I’d like). **note: toe taps on a box are also a great way to work your calves and get cardio! I like doing sets of 60-70 taps mixed in with a weightlifting exercise.

Don’t forget to stretch after!!


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