Organic Wines: Affordable and delicious

Sooooo I love organic anything and everything, obviously, and I have found that organic wines not only taste better, but, you feel better after drinking them too! I used to drink wine just about every single night, however, that’s a terrible habit to get into AND it’s expensive. So now I have wine only on the weekends (or one night during the week if a special occasion) and I always buy organic if possible. I would much rather have LESS wine that is better for me and much more enjoyable and hopefully you all concur after trying these out.

Here is a list of my FAVORITES (red and white), how much they cost, and where you can find them (stores may differ in other locations, keep in mind).Try some of these out and let me know your thoughts!

  1. Natura, Winn Dixie, around $12 : I love this one for red and for white. The Chardonnay is OUTSTANDING. More on the buttery side, which I prefer; it’s very refreshing. Click the link to see how it looks.
  2. Frey, Whole Foods, $10 : This was the first organic wine I started to drink. Not as big of a fan of their white, but, the red is delicious and this is very affordable for a weekend guilt-free treat. Here is a picture of me enjoying the Frey with an avocado and balsamic!IMG_6563.PNG
  3. Candoni, Sprouts or Fresh Market, $13-$15 : This organic Merlot is OUTSTANDING. Probably one of my favorite reds! Here is how it looks: IMG_6561.PNG
  4. Bonterra, Winn Dixie, $11-13. This one is fantastic, I know for sure I have had the Pinot Noir and it’s so good!
  5. Last but not least are these two below, which can both be found at Winn Dixie I think. Cono Sur and Domaine Bousquet. Both delicious options! Go try some of these out and let me know your thoughts! #chooseorganicIMG_6562.PNG

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