Legs/full body/4-9-16

Saturday’s leg day was my second for the week. So I didn’t go as hard as I did my first leg day (Tuesday). It was also my 6th workout for the week so I was a little tired. And that’s ok-not every workout can be super hard, heavy and intense! Any movement is better than none at all! Here is what I did nonetheless (after a warmup):

  • 4×8-10 back squat (not as heavy)
  • 4×5 front squat
  • 4×15 (per leg) step ups on bench
  • 3×20 leg press
  •  4×12-15 (per leg) butt blaster
  • 5×15-20 leg extension
  • Weighted bicycle crunches 3×50
  • 3×6-8 handstand push-ups
  • 3×15 bosu ball push-ups (turn a bosu ball over and grab the sides and do push-ups. Requires more stabilization than regular)

then I went outside because it was a gorgeous day, and decided to do 4 rounds of: 25 burpees, 1/4 mile run.

Now it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m taking today off. Besides a few dog walks, no working out for me today!  It is my cooking, eating, cleaning day! Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend!!



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