Rice: How Much Do I Eat and Which Kind?

I eat real, whole foods as much as possible and I DEFINITELY limit my grain intake, i.e., rice. I prefer sweet potatoes as my main source of a starchy carb. But, I do eat rice on occasion – a few times a week; and I always buy organic. I discovered after doing some research that rice can fit into a Paleo lifestyle if you are eating the right kind of rice – and that’s actually WHITE rice over brown. Yup. I know we’ve always been told that brown rice is superior and that you should not eat white rice – but in reality, they are BOTH CARBOHYDRATES and WHITE RICE is MUCH more easily digested than brown! And to be honest, who eats brown rice for nutrients?! I eat rice for a carbohydrate source – I aim to get my nutrients from vegetables, fruit, and grass fed beef/chicken/etc. **Note: if you are trying to lost weight/fat I do recommend you severely cut your carb intake and consume more veggies as your carb source – remember you can eat as many raw or steamed or roasted veggies as you want!***

Paleo lifestyle avoids grains because most/if not all grains irritate the gut. If you cut them out of your diet, I promise you will feel a million times better (or at least eliminate most of them! I still eat organic oats 1-2x per week and have no issues). I eliminated wheat/gluten from my diet in 2012 and ever since then I feel SO much better in terms of not being bloated or stopped up! But anyway, back to rice. Brown rice has a protective coating created by the plant which acts as its “shield of armor”. This shield contains toxic compounds that can irritate the gut. White rice is essentially the inside part of brown rice – so it’s very easy to digest! It has no nutrients, but also no toxic compounds. Read all about it here. Oh and FYI – if you have heard about the potential for arsenic to be in the rice you eat, well, it’s also more likely to be found in brown rice because it’s soaked up in the outer layer!! Read about that here.

So there you have it! If you must buy and eat rice, do buy organic, and choose a white rice variety! It is much easier to digest and allows you to get some extra carbohydrates if needed. I personally love the taste and texture of white jasmine rice. Try it out. It’s very inexpensive from Whole Foods and it’s so wonderful in many different dishes! It is important to select organic as rice often has lots of pesticide residue. Jasmine rice often comes from Thailand and according to this article here, many farmers use pesticides. It’s always important to choose organic when possible, because the USDA Organic stamp is not easy to obtain and the product must undergo many tests including non GMO verification.




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