Confused on what to eat? My Rules HERE!

I know if you are new to this lifestyle you may be very confused as to what is healthy and what isn’t…what you can or cannot eat/should or should not, etc. I get it! And over time this will not be an issue! You will eventually be choosing foods easily and it will be second nature. So let me discuss a few things to think about constantly when grocery shopping, and how to make the lifestyle work for you!

  • Center the bulk of your eating on foods WITHOUT labels. This should be a no-brainer. The majority of your food should not have a label. You should spend the most money shopping the border of the grocery store and filling your cart with tons and tons of organic vegetables (at lest the dirty dozen should be purchased organic), sweet potatoes, grassfed beef, clean meats/organic/pasture raised pork, chicken, eggs, organic oats in bulk, organic jasmine rice, frozen organic fruit, etc. Follow my grocery shopping list here to ensure you don’t miss anything!
  • If you want to snack on chips and a dip (rarely a good idea), you can pick a healthier option. If I get chips for guacamole or salsa, I like to buy Terra chips as they are non-gmo and they make vegetable-based chips! I avoid corn as much as possible because it’s not paleo, is inflammatory, and isn’t digested well. The goal of this lifestyle is to eat food that our bodies need, food that is nutritionally dense, and not empty calories! So I would definitely consider any kind of chip a treat and not to indulge on these daily as it can lead to mindless eating…
  • Avoid protein bars/pre-packaged “health” bars, diet shakes, etc. These are not good for you, usually. Once again these come with a label and this is the main thing we want to avoid. LABELS! If you start shopping and buying things and eating things that come without a label, then you are on the right track. It’s really as easy as that. You can make healthy snack bars at home with organic oats, coconut or almond flour, honey, raw nuts, etc., and those are so much better for you than the pre-packaged ones that usually have sugar, corn syrup, or other nonsense added to them.
  • Bread is never healthy and I recommend you stop eating it. I don’t care what anyone says about this…bread is just not necessary and if you love it then you are probably addicted to it. Cutting bread out is the best thing you can do for yourself and you will feel a million times better. Bread is not doing you ANY favors. If you believe you can argue to me that you are getting vital nutrients from bread that you cannot get elsewhere then by all means, please, make your argument. But that is doubtful. Eat more veggies is always the correct answer.
  • Most yogurt is not healthy, either. Actually I would go as far to say that most yogurt is poison and I wouldn’t touch it, ever! 90% if not more of the yogurts out there have so much added sugar and garbage…and most are not organic or made from grassfed cows. If you eat dairy, which you should definitely LIMIT if you do, you simply must buy grass-fed/organic. Again, the bulk of your eating/snacks should not be pre-packaged yogurt. I would recommend boiled eggs, raw carrots, almonds, raw cashews, apples, etc. over yogurt ANY DAY! Boiling back down to the “avoid food with a label” idea…
  • Don’t get me started on cereal as this is NEVER HEALTHY and milk is terrible for you. Please trash all the cereal boxes in your house asap!
  • Artificial sweeteners are poison and cause cancer. Please don’t consume these either. If you have to put these in your coffee or tea, you are addicted to them and MUST cut them out. Once you’ve been off sugar/artificial sweeteners for a while your taste buds will alter and you won’t crave sugary junk food/crap anymore. Just read about why they’re so terrible for you here. As well as 7 hidden dangers here.

I know this may seem time consuming, extreme and impossible, but it’s not!! And you will start to feel SO MUCH BETTER when you consume real food on a daily basis! You will lose weight and feel amazing – what more could you ask for? You will also reduce your risk for needing prescription medication (and by reduce I mean eliminate because food is medicine, y’all). You will be healthier, look better, and your risk  of getting diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc. all of those things will essentially be out of the question if you are consistently following this lifestyle and exercising. But you have to be 100% committed! My health is my number 1 priority and being able to cook and eat the clean food that I love is what makes me happiest in this world. I hope you can one day find the same passion I have about eating clean and organic food because it’s truly the best way to live.



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