For days you can’t make it to the gym but want to get a workout in, I want to tell you all what I like to do! You CAN do a killer workout at home with nothing other than your body weight! I will give you some ideas. I did this this morning, actually, I got some music on and after I took the dog for a walk I worked out at home for 45 minutes doing all kinds of things. Here is an example of what I did. I did not do the full sets of each back to back – instead I mixed up the order and just kept my heart rate up! I was sweating and out of breath for sure! I just keep going with new ideas and whichever body part is not fatigued I work it until it is and then move on to something else. Swapping upper body and lower body work. I recommend you order these bands here for the hip bridges, glute kickbaks and side leg raises. They can really up the intensity!

Resistance Bands 

  • 6×25-30 pushups (both regular grip and close grip/elbows close to body)
  • 6×30 air squats
  • 3×10 xheavy banded side walks (10 steps per leg)
  • 3×18 HRPU (hand release push ups)
  • 3×30 glute kickbacks with band
  • 3×30 side leg raises with band (around knees)
  • 3×25-30 hip bridges/glute bridges with band
  • 5×20 lunge jumps
  • 4-5×20 squat jumps
  • 5×30-50 mountain climbers
  • 3×45 second hand stand holds
  • 3×10 per arm plank “up downs”
  • 3×10-20 hollow body rocks
  • 10 second hollow body rock holds
  • 9×30 calf raises (neutral, turned in, turned out)

These are excellent at building overall strength and muscle and function as a cardio workout too! Just set a timer for 45 minutes and go! Rest as little as possible – just sip water when needed and be sure to drink tons of water after! Let me know what you think. I recommend finishing this with a quick 1/4 – 1/2 mile run or a 30 minute walk!


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