BACK + full bod HIIT

Good morning and happy Thursday!!!!! Here is a back workout you can try this week that incorporates some good cardio at the end. It’s a quick one that is sure to be taxing! Try to limit rest! I prefer to focus the bulk of my workouts on large muscle groups and functional movement – like deadlifts, pullups, lunge, squat, etc. It’s the best way to get stronger overall and build an even, fit physique. Fitness is my goal, afterall, not just looking a certain way! I love that feeling of a heart-pounding, sweaty workout so I love to incorporate HIIT at the end of my workouts as most of you know. 😉

  • 4 sets max pull-ups  (I could do about 4-6 at a time)
  • 4 sets max chin-ups (I could only get 3 at a time!)
  • (after warmup) 6x 8, 8, 6, 6, 3 deadlift (progressively heavier – to 85% 1rm – not sure what this is? check out to get yours!)
  • 4×10 wide grip cable rows (don’t be afraid to go heavier – 10th rep should be a challenge)
  • 4×8-10 heavy DB rows (I use 45 and 50# DB and I don’t rest my knee on the bench because then you are forced to use your core as well)
  • Then repeat 5 rounds (max of 30 sec rest b/t rounds):
    • 15 ball slams (with soft ball; I used 20#)
    • 10 pushups (elbows close to body)
    • 10 KB swing (I used 50#)

Finish with 1 mile run at 80% max. And stretch!!!!!!


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