CHEST + WOD 10-21-16

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!! I haven’t been so happy to see a Friday since last Friday. LOL. No but seriously. And the weather is cooler and the temp is dropping and I just love fall!!!!! This morning I did a quick lifting session followed by HIIT followed by accessory work. Here is what I did!!!!

  • BENCH PRESS 1×10 45, 1×8 55, 1×8 65, 1×6 75, then 3×3 @ 90#; 3×5 85#; 3×6-7 75#; 3x failure @ 65# (so essentially I warmed up and progressively added weight. The reps at 90# started my “working” sets).
  • BODY WEIGHT DIPS: 5×4-6 (practically to failure)
  • HIIT:
    • 4 rounds nonstop of:
      • 400 meter run (1/4 mile; keep speed at 90% max)
      • 20 burpees
    • then additional .5 mile sprint ~85% max
  • WEIGHTED PUSHUPS 25# PLATE: 5×3-5 (to failure. 2 of these were actual failure lol)
  • FARMER WALKS 2 50# DBs: 3 rounds of ~100 meter walking
  • 3×15 Hollow body rocks (great core work!!!!)
  • 3x handstand holds to failure – at least 40 seconds per round (keep tight core!)

Try this out!!! I keep my reps low for things like body weight dips because, well, they are hard!! It’s the best way to work your triceps because it’s a functional movement and it’s super hard to lift you entire body weight with your triceps. You can do assisted ones or bench dips if these are too challenging. But let it be a goal!! I have noticed significant improvement in my triceps since focusing on heavy PRESSING (bench press, shoulder press) as well as doing bodyweight dips instead of other tricep exercises. Heavy pressing gets my triceps more sore than anything else so I focus on those movements over isolation. Find what works for you! 🙂

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!




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