LEGS 10-25-16

Sometimes, less is more! Oftentimes when we workout we end up overwhelmed with too many exercises and options. Take step back when this happens and just focus on the basics. Push yourself hard on a few compound exercises and you will get stronger and fitter as long as you are pushing yourself. Here is what I did today for my legs. I did not do too many exercises but I was sure to focus on mind-muscle connection and I was dripping sweat at each workout.

  • Back squat (I warm up with 25 air squats; then 2×10 reps with bar which is 45#; then 1×6 with 65#; 1×5 85; 1×3 95, etc. etc.): 5×8 @ 125 # (this was very challenging. the last rep was and should be a struggle or you should up the weight.)
  • Bulgarian split squats (per leg): 2×10 25 # DBs; 4×8 30# DBs (I only got 7 reps by the last set – very difficult! Be sure and go deep and keep toe in line with knee-don’t let knee go past toes)
  • Romanian deadlift 5×10 (50# DBs)
    • Compound set 6×8 ham curls – heavy
  • Barbell hip bridges with band around knees: 5×8 155#; 3×6-8 165#
  • Banded clamshells 3×25 per leg

I also recommend doing weeks where you are pushing hard and lifting pretty heavy, and then having weeks where you do less weight and higher reps. It is good to give your body a break and to do cycles where you go really heavy and not as heavy.

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK:: I just ordered THIS Paleo Protein and I am SO excited. I love this company because everything they sell is free of chemicals and grassfed and non-gmo. This is an egg white protein which I have not tried yet but will be sure to let y’all know how I like it!



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