SHOULDERS 10-31-16

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!! I did not sleep well and have NO idea why but I still woke up at 4:50 and got a killerrrr workout in. I chugged some coffee and water and downed my BCAAs and DECIDED it was going to be an awesome workout and a great day and it worked. Here is what I did!!!!

  • Barbell Strict shoulder press 3×5 & 3×3 @ 65#; 1×10 50#
  • Push press: 2×6 75; 3×2 90; 3×5 85
  • Seated shoulder press w DBs 4×7-8 (30# DBs)
  • Bent over rear delt raise, rest head on bench: 4×15 (12.5 # DBs)
  • Upright row 4×8 single arm with 40#
  • Upright row 4×8, alternating arms, with 35# DBs
  • Standing lat raises 4×15 (15# DBs)
  • OH KB carries 3×100 meter with 30# overhead and 40# by my side
  • 50 wall balls (20#) minimal rest (this is my cardio)
  • 3×15 cable front raise
    • superset 4×15 per arm KB swing using 35# and 40#
  • Seated lat raise 3×15 (use lighter weight; I did 10# and 12.5# DBs)
    • superset an additional set of KB swings, single arm, 16 reps each using 35 & 40#
  • Seated bent over rear delts 3×15 (I used 12.5# and 15#)
  • Complete additional 50 wall balls, mixing in 4×50 mountain climbers during wall ball break (additional cardio – keep intensity v high it should be a 9 on a scale of 1-10)

That’s all!!!!!! I always always start out  my workouts with my heavy, compound movements. I love using the barbell. I am really working on focusing on strength for things like push press and strict shoulder press – which is why I keep my reps usually at 5 and below. I also rest about 1 min – 1.5 mins in between sets when I am lifting heavy.

What are you guys doing for Halloween???? I have nothing planned today. Or tonight. Just another day. If I indulge in chocolate I will have an organic Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup. I have not had one of those in MONTHS!!!! I really try to limit and eliminate added sugars as much as I possibly can and allow CLEAN TREATS on occasion. The Justin’s PB cup is all organic and very clean when compared to a Reese’s. Don’t forget to drink tons of water as usual.

ANDDDD here is my meal plan for the day for anyone who is interested, I’ll start sharing these!!:

  • 5 AM: warm lemon water with cayenne pepper 
  • 520AM banana and 1 tbsp organic peanut butter + black coffee (pre workout)
  • 7AM post workout smoothie with: water, paleo protein, oats, berries, spinach +also 1 egg white muffin, salsa
  • 930 AM 2 rice cakes, 1 tbsp almond butter, boiled egg + additional egg white “muffin” and salsa
  • 1230 pm quinoa, veggies, chicken my Mediterranean chicken salad – recipe coming soon!
  • 3 pm apple, carrots, tbsp almond butter 
  • 5 pm 2 medjool dates & x-large spoonful organic peanut butter (my treat!)
  • 630 pm pulled pork, veggies, sweet potato fries, glass of red wine

As usual, i drink over 1 gallon of water each day! Happy Halloween! Stay safe! 





One thought on “SHOULDERS 10-31-16

  1. Thanks for sharing your shoulder routine. I am also going to make the egg muffins. Waiting for the Mediterranean chicken salad. Your blog is always full of great information! Thanks for sharing!

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