Back workout 11-3-16

GOOD MORNING AND HAPPY THURSDAY. Here is my back workout from today. My rear deltoids are still on fire from it. Hopefully I am sore tomorrow.

  • 3×5 strict chin ups
  • 3x failure pull-ups (I got 3-6 reps)
  • Close grip pull downs: 6 x 15, 10, 8, 6, 8, 8 (varying the weight – make it challenging)
  • DEADLIFTS work up to 1RM for the day followed by 3×5 lighter
  • Landmine row/TBar row: 1×10 50#, 3×6 60#, 5×8 50#
    • superset 5×10-15 face pulls
  • Single arm DB row 1×10 45, 1×10 40, 4×6 50#
    • superset weighted back extensions 4×15 (35# plate)
  • Weighted side bends for obliques and erector spinae (for my scoliosis) 4×10 holding 20# DB (I do these on one side only)
  • 3×25 ball slams 20# – this should get your heartrate UP!
  • 30 cal row sprint
  • 5×1 minute plank holds  (on elbows) 15 second rest between sets


  • For the chin up and pullups be sure and come to full extension for each rep. None of that half-@$$/half-rep stuff. Full extension will work the muscles completely and make you stronger-which is what you want.
  • Close grip pulldowns: take the attachment that is used for the cable row and use that at the lat pulldown machine – again, here, come to full extension at the top – in other words, fully extend the scapulae and then pull down slow and controlled and exhale as you pulldown.
  • TBar Row: I use the attachment that was just used for the close grip pulldown/cable row. Put that around the landmine bar if your gym has one. Take a wide stance for your legs and get into partial squat and keep weight in heels. Straight, long flat back. Engage your core. Don’t hump your spine. Focus on pulling the weight up with your back tight and scapulae pressed – and keep shoulders pressed down and back as well. Always exhale on concentric motion aka working phase. Inhale as you lower the weight/release the weight. It helps you. Always use your breath.
  • Face pulls – set the cable attachment with the rope and AT OR BELOW EYE LEVEL. Pull and keep ELBOWS UP. Parallel to the floor. Squeeze the rear deltoids as you pull and exhale hard. Don’t go too heavy here as this is a smaller muscle group we are focusing on so you want to go lighter and do slow and controlled reps. Really keep elbows UP but press shoulders down and back, always. Focus on pulling with the rear deltoid. 
  • For the DB row, which is one of my fav exercises, I do not prop my leg on the bench. Instead I take a semi-wide leg stance with slightly bent knees and keep core tight. Rest one hand with a flat palm on the bench for support. Pull hard with the working elbow – towards the ceiling – and be sure to have a complete range of motion here. Exhale on the down/eccentric phase. I use heavy DBs and do varying reps of 6, 8 and 10. Switch it up and keep challenging yourself.
  • Don’t forget when rowing, think “legs, core, arms“. That is the order of working muscles. Push off first with your legs, then lean back slightly, keeping core tight, and lastly pull hard with the arms. I see so many people doing this ALL WRONG. Google videos on proper form if necessary. Once you learn how to do it correctly, you will feel the difference. Legs core arms, arms core legs. Say that to yourself as you row.



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