Illness Fighting Ginger & Orange Tea

This tea is perfect for anyone who is sick or feels as though they are getting sick. The health benefits of ginger are massive. Ginger is one of the top medicinal herbs that prevents cancer. Ginger is a remedy for those with nausea or upset stomach. So this tea is great for those with these symptoms.Ginger helps to relax the smooth muscle in your gut lining, helping pass food through more quickly. It boosts the immune system and helps break down toxins in the body. It’s a natural antibiotic and also natural pain reliever. Have I convinced you yet?

Orange peels and orange in general provide lots of vitamin C as well as enzymes and fiber. Coupling these in a hot tea provides immense health boosting benefits. Bonus: it’s DELICIOUS, makes the house smell great, and is very easy and inexpensive to make.



  • 4-6 slices of fresh ginger (best to peel it first; chop into fairly thick slices)
  • 2-3 orange peels
  • Fresh purified/filtered water


Get a large pot of fresh, purified water (about 6-8 cups will do), and put on the stove. Wash your oranges before peeling them and toss the peels in the pot with the ginger. Eat the oranges (mmmm)! Now, bring the contents to a simmering boil on the stove for about 5-8 minutes. Pour into mugs, leaving the peels and ginger behind and allow to cool a bit before enjoying. Consume as often as possible! 

Serves 2.


Below pictured: Fresh ginger & turmeric root




Food Combining: Learn how coupling certain foods can wreak havoc on your digestive system!

I want to discuss food combining and inform you of some “rules” that could help you if you have digestive issues. Did you know that coupling certain foods together can actually cause major issues in your body? In other words, when you couple certain foods at one meal, such as yogurt and fruit (melons in particular), your stomach as a really hard time digesting them and can cause major acidity and inflammation in the body. I will go into more detail and list a few other food combining rules and link to some sites where you can get more information.

  1. Fruit on a full stomach. Fruit does not combine well with other foods at all because fruit is made up of simple sugars that require very little digestion (hence why you can eat a banana on an empty stomach and then go workout vigorously with no issue). Thus, if they are eaten with other foods they will sit in the stomach for a long time waiting on the other foods to digest. This will lead to fermentation of the fruit sugar which can cause digestion discomfort. I always eat fruit by itself or at most with spinach and water and protein powder. Something very fast digesting (NO milk!).
  2. Protein & protein. I don’t always follow this one to a T, but, everyone reacts differently. It is said that two or more different types of proteins are hard to digest and requires significant energy from the body. An example of this is pairing eggs with a meat – and definitely don’t add cheese to that as it further slows digestion.
  3. Beans and dairy. Both of these by themselves can cause bloating and gas. Beans are filled with fiber and are best eaten in very small quantities or by themselves. The combination with dairy is what wreaks havoc as humans do not digest dairy well at all. Try goat milk or goat-dairy products. But still, consume separate from beans.
  4. Milk and bananas (fruit in general). This is supposedly one of the most heavy and toxin-forming meals. Ayurveda (one of the world’s oldest holistic medicines) lists this as a highly incompatible meal combination. Food can be poison or medicine, as you know through my blog. And this is one not to be eaten together. This is why I make my protein shakes with water and water alone! No milk!
  5. Dairy and fruit. Milk is a laxative and fruit (MELONS in particular) are a diuretic. Milk and dairy take so long to digest and fruit does not, so, the fruit will sit in the stomach and curdle the milk, potentially creating lots of acidity in the body. 
  6. Protein and starch. Ok ok ok so I don’t follow this to a T because y’all KNOW I love sweet potatoes. BUT these are supposed to take so long to digest and cause issues. However, I don’t experience issues eating sweet potatoes with meat so in my body, I am good there. HOWEVER – this is the reason why I eliminated gluten/wheat/white bread/etc.etc. from my diet because of the major stomach issues it gave me and bloating, etc. This is also why I don’t eat brown rice as it’s much harder to digest than white rice. So many starches are detrimental to our bodies and cause inflammation. It’s why I stick to sweet potatoes, organic white potatoes in (extreme) moderation, and white rice. Oh and organic oats.
  7. Last but not least, cold drinks after a meal. Avoid consuming such during a meal also as this slows digestion and can cause allergies and colds. I prefer hot tea after my meals and I limit drinking water during a meal. If I do sip water, it is room temperature.

So, try some of these things out and let me know if they seem to help your digestion! I know I was shocked and excited to learn all of these things about food combining! I hope this helps you. This is one of the things I love about the mostly Paleo lifestyle as many foods are eliminated from the diet (most beans/legumes, brown rice, gluten, cheese/dairy). So, many of these food combinations would never happen in the Paleo diet lifestyle. Notice how problematic dairy is!!! This is why I just don’t consume it (or consume in very small quantities very rarely).

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Starting to feel sick? DO THIS!

I don’t get sick very often and do everything I can every single day to fuel my body with proper nutrition, get adequate rest, sunshine and exercise. However, occasionally even the healthiest of people will get some kind of virus/illness. Below are things I do if/when I start to feel sick.

  1. Eat 1-2 (up to 3, safely) cloves raw garlic per day. Yes, raw garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and can help you if you have a sore throat or if you feel like you are getting a virus. When I start to feel a sore throat coming I immediately eat some raw garlic daily, for a few days. Mince the garlic and eat it with a little raw local honey to help with the taste! Which leads me to my next suggestion…
  2. Eat raw, local honey! Honey has antimicrobial properties and can help you stop coughing. It’s also very soothing to a sore throat. Manuka honey is also an excellent option!
  3. Drink more water. I already drink at least a gallon of water daily but if I start to feel as though I am getting sick I try to drink even more. Water helps flush toxins out of your system!
  4. Make hot tea with ginger and orange peels. Hot tea is so soothing any time of day! When you are sick, making hot tea with fresh slices of ginger and orange peels is so beneficial and can, in my opinion, help boost your immune system so you recover quicker. Ginger has numerous health benefits and is very anti-inflammatory. Orange peels have loads of vitamin c and when these two are boiled together in a large pot of water, you get a very nutritious and delicious hot tea.
  5. Eliminate sugar (besides the raw honey like I mentioned/manuka honey) and limit carbohydrates (you should be doing this anyway as sugar is toxic to the body). Eat more veggies.
  6. Get more sleep. Your body needs to rest more if it’s fighting off infection so go to bed earlier!
  7. No alcohol. This should be obvious. Once again, if you are fighting off infection the last thing you need to do is overload your system with alcohol which your body has to use even more energy to process.
  8. Make fresh juice – don’t drink store bought! Unless you are juicing fresh veggies and fruit in your own kitchen, don’t drink any juice. One yummy recipe I do is carrots, apple, ginger, lemon. Most, if not all, store bought juices are pure sugar and your best bet would be to eat the fresh fruit itself or juice it! Celery, green apple, kale, ginger is also delicious and so good for you! That way you are getting the nutrients as soon as they are juiced as opposed to them sitting on a shelf/in the fridge for weeks!

So that’s it! Avoid taking medicines if possible! Most medicines contain extra ingredients that are crap and we don’t need that in our system. I rarely take medicine! I try to cure myself with natural remedies if possible. Sleep, vegetables/diet, sunshine, exercise = best medicines and best way to stay healthy! So if you want to avoid getting sick I would definitely adopt the lifestyle that I live and breathe!

Why You Should Use Natural Deodorant

I want to express why this is so important and whether you are male or female you should be analyzing what you are putting in AND on your body : especially deodorant. I do not use antiperspirant and I haven’t for a few years. I was using TOM’S deodorant, but, I JUST LITERALLY discovered that it has a bad ingredient as well: propylene glycol – which can cause contact dermatitis (I get eczema occasionally so yes I am trashing my Tom’s deodorant and will have to search at Whole Foods for a good one OR just make my own deodorant using this recipe here – **note that 1/8 of a teaspoon is about 12.5 drops (in regards to essential oils), to be safe I will use 10-11 drops of each oil recommended in this recipe.** (SEE NOTE AT END OF BLOG REGARDING THIS)

Antiperspirant’s main ingredient is an aluminum-based compound. They block sweat glands. This is particularly worrisome because our body’s natural way of detoxifying is through sweat. The aluminum compounds may be absorbed by the skin and cause changes in estrogen receptors of breast cells (research suggests). Due to the fact estrogen can promote the growth of both cancer and non-cancer breast cells, I avoid aluminum-based deodorants (as well as birth control with estrogen). Studies have shown that using aluminum-based deodorants may be a risk factor for developing breast cancer. I definitely don’t want to fall into that category, y’all. I would rather sweat (but still smell nice). Plus, who sweats that much at work or on a daily basis anyways? Sure, I get DRENCHED in sweat at the gym but WHO CARES. You. Are. At. The. GYM! Sweat and get over it – you are supposed to be sweaty. Let your body detox how it wants – stop blocking sweat from your armpits because you think it’s gross. As long as you don’t reek (and you still might after an intense workout, but go shower, duh), who cares if you are sweaty? Most people really don’t care! Use a towel. Move on with your life.

Other scary ingredients found in conventional antiperspirants and deodorants include parabens (artificial preservatives that mimic activity of estrogen in the body – estrogen promotes breast cancer cells). As far as parabens go, although they have estrogen-like properties, the estrogens that are made in the body are apparently hundreds of times stronger. In other words, estrogen taken as hormone replacement (or birth control/aka natural estrogens) are more likely to play a role in breast cancer development, according to studies. So I would avoid estrogen in all forms at all costs!

Propylene glycol  is often added to cosmetics and deodorants as well. It’s used in Tom’s deodorant too and this is why I am chunking mine. It was originally developed as an anti-freeze; it can cause contact dermatitis and skin irritation. Like I said before, I tend to have eczema-like spots on occasion as my skin is sensitive so I try to steer clear of chemicals. I will likely be making my own deodorant TONIGHT and will share how that goes! FYI: synonyms for propylene glycol = propanediol as well as steareth-21 (Propylene glycol and stearyl alcohol), and humectant.

TEA & DEA can be toxic if absorbed into the body over a long period of time; this is often used in deodorants/antiperspirants and cosmetics. It can cause allergic reactions. TEA and DEA = stand for triethanolamine and diethanolamine. Due to the fact these can be toxic if used too frequently, it’s best to avoid these as well! Especially if you are applying a deodorant every single day! You can see how over a lifetime this could become toxic.

Triclosan can cause contact dermatitis as well and is found in tons of cosmetics and deodorants, antiperspirants, etc. It is a skin irritant and may disrupt thyroid function and other hormone systems. Triclosan may also encourage bacterial resistance to antibiotics. I know we cannot be 100% perfect, so, just avoid it where you can!

FD&C COLORS: synthetic colors; can cause allergic skin reactions. Some are made from coal tar derivatives and are known to be carcinogenic. I know I personally don’t want to take any chances with putting these chemicals on my body so avoid artificial colorings in food as well as cosmetics and things of that nature.

Talc: Hydrous magnesium silicate; it is a soft mineral used as an absorbent and color additive. It is classified as carcinogen if contains asbestiform fibers. There is no way to know if the product contains asbestiform fibers or not so this is best avoided as well.

I recommend you start reading the labels of your cosmetics. And while perfumes do not have labels of ingredients, it is likely that they contain toxic chemicals too! I trashed all of my perfumes (correct, chunked them). I prefer the smell of coconuts via coconut oil anyways! I love knowing my body is free of chemicals and toxins!

Just read this article discussing what happens to the levels of chemicals in your body when you switch your cosmetic products!

**Note and update 8/2/16: I am using Tom’s deodorant again as I made my own with beeswax but it did not turn out well. The deodorant got all stuck in the container..what a bust. I think the propylene glycol found in tom’s is OK since it’s plant derived – and sometimes I will choose what is convenient rather than make my own (this does not apply to food, obviously).


Daily Cleanse: Lemon Water

Happy Monday!!! Today is a good day to tell you all about my morning ritual that I’ve done every day since summer 2011. I never ever miss a morning of this–even when I travel I carry lemons and cayenne pepper with me! I also got my boyfriend doing this every day too-he loves it! Here’s the ritual, it’s so easy and the benefits are enormous.

  1. Upon waking: Take a large mug and fill with purified water
  2. Microwave for about 60-70 seconds
  3. Squeeze in 1/2 FRESH lemon juice (not store bought lemon juice as it has preservatives and garbage added to it)
  4. Add a dash or two of cayenne
  5. Drink quickly, followed by regular water as well!

I do this every day and I also take a few swigs of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar! (Note: start small with the ACV–perhaps 1 tsp and work your way up to 1-2 tbsp if you have a sensitive stomach). These (lemon and ACV) cleanse the liver and help the body get rid of toxins (if you drink alcohol you MUST do this). The cayenne boosts your metabolism and gets things going – It also wakes you up in the morning! I wait probably 20 minutes or so before eating after I do this (unless of course it’s a gym morning – then I wait a couple hours before eating as I work out in a fasted state).

That’s it! This is one of the easiest, best things you can do for yourself upon waking. We are very dehydrated first thing in the morning as we obviously have been asleep (and not drinking water). This is why it’s so important to wake up and drink warm lemon water, followed by a large glass of regular water (I prefer room temperature) to make sure you hydrate your body! This also helps with anti-aging! I highly recommend you up your water intake to your body weight, or at least 100 ounces, and see the difference in how you look and feel.

I promise you won’t regret it! *note: if you have sensitive teeth or feel that the acidity is too much (although it should be ok since it’s diluted with 10+ ounces of water, I use big mugs like the one pictured below), you can drink this out of a straw instead!


Detox Your Body: Dry Skin Brushing


Chances are, most of you are unaware of the benefits of dry skin brushing-much less heard of it! This is such a beneficial habit to get into and it only takes a couple of minutes each day. Benefits of dry skin brushing are immense! It exfoliates tons of dead skin, helps to remove toxins from the body as it stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces cellulite, unclogs pores, and it just simply feels great! It’s yet another way I detox my body on a daily basis. I dry skin brush almost every morning (right after I make my warm lemon cayenne water)and here’s how you do it:

  • Remove clothes and step in the shower
  • Take a natural bristle brush (important) and begin to brush your skin, starting with your feet and work your way up, in long strokes – no scrubbing
  • Work your way up your body, always brushing towards the heart (you can increase pressure as you get used to this)
  • Brush your stomach in a large clockwise motion
  • Spend a few minutes doing this and then rinse off! I alternate between hot and cold water to further stimulate my circulatory system (plus it wakes me up!)

I recommend y’all try this and promise you won’t be disappointed. It feels super amazing and it’s the best way to exfoliate your skin, which is the body’s largest organ! Let me know what y’all think or if you have any questions feel free to ask. Go get brushing!

**Note: please wash the brush once per week with either shampoo or my fav: Dr. Bronner’s soap and let air dry.